Friday, 18 April 2014

i'm still just catching my breath from the absolute shitstorm that this past semester has been. it's the first semesters i've had without having to be working a part-time job, and i'm really thankful that i could afford that kind of luxury. i don't know how i managed to survive two semesters ago working a full time job with a full course load. what the fuck.

four months of nearly being driven to breakdowns by computer science assignments, clawing my eyes out from boredom thanks to my absolutely shit shakespeare professor and despite spending the last three days of my semester throwing together an essay and regretting my entire life, now that the dust has settled i can really say it's been the most entertaining and strangest semester i've ever had. my comp sci prof is.... really something else. 

this semester was a lot different not only because i decided not to work, but because (as trivial as it sounds) i actually got to know a lot of people in my classes, which made a world of difference for me. i'm not sure i would have even passed comp sci without my classmates. my school is infamous for a lack of community and school spirit, since it's primarily a commuter school in a kind of shit location. yeah. i don't know why i decided to go there, either. some days i regret it, some days i don't. i go back and forth a lot. but i only have a few years left, so i might as well make the best of it, right? 

i'm still pretty exhausted from the last couple weeks of school, but once i get back on my feet there's a couple personal projects i've been meaning to work on, as well as catching up with the huge backlog of movies i've built up. i'm excited to be back in the loop! rewatching the iron man trilogy in the past couple days have really reminded me of how much i missed watching movies. 

i think this summer's gotten off to a good start: this morning i got my marks back for a class i thought i wouldn't do very well on, but to my surprise it was a really, really good mark. i think to treat myself i'm going to go buy myself that lipstick i've had my eye on for awhile. i'm maybe gonna not think about school for a few weeks now. yeah. 

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