Friday, 14 March 2014

something else.

i've been thinking a lot about the direction of this blog, specifically what direction i wanted to take my film reviews in. what would keep my reviews different from the thousands (possibly millions) of other film dedicated blogs and reviewers out there? why am i even doing this? what do i possibly have to offer? i've been really stuck on those questions for a couple months now, and i've come to realize that i've been approaching this the wrong way. i can't completely separate my own life experiences with the media i consume on a daily basis. it's not like i can just stop being a queer asian-american girl when i watch movies. so i'm going to try to make this blog more personal, for when i need a more formal platform than what twitter or tumblr has to offer. i actually feel more comfortable here on blogger since i have a much smaller readership.

i haven't been able to watch as many movies as i would have liked to in the past few months, since i've been really trying to focus more of my energy on doing well in school. i did get to watch her before school started up, and i've really been wanting to discuss my feelings towards it, but was unsure of how to approach it. i actually didn't like it very much upon my first viewing, or on my second viewing. don't get me wrong, i feel like it was an excellent movie and it deserved every last nomination and award. but i actually found myself warming up to the movie more as spike jonze's reflection on the failure of his marriage with sophia coppola, rather than as its own narrative. i'm not really sure what that says about me, or why, after thinking about it for almost three months i still can't quite put a finger on what put me off so much. it could be that i just didn't approach this movie the right way, or that i didn't watch it at the right time. or maybe i'm not one of its intended audiences. who knows.

i still haven't seen the lego movie yet, but i'm hoping next week i can catch it along with the new wes anderson movie i've been really excited about. the grand budapest hotel has so many actors i'm excited to see in a wes anderson film, such as adrien brody as one of the villains and saoirse ronan as the enigmatic baker girl. maybe it'll put me back in the mood to get back into watching movies.

anyway, i hope i'll be updating more frequently here now that i've opened it up to more than just film reviews. i've been wanting to talk about... well, everything actually. i'm absolute crap at keeping a handwritten journal since my handwriting looks like limp noodles dropped on a page, and since i'm all but completely fused to my computer, you'll be seeing more of me around here soon.

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